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Civil Service Commission Professional or Sub-Professional Reviewer - Page 136/159

Reading Comprehension - Page 136

_______9. Which of the following would be a good title for the ideas in this passage?
  1. How Much Should be Granted to the Poor?
  2. Government Assistance
  3. Poverty and the Poor
  4. The Poverty Problem
  5. Human Rights
_______10. According to the above passage, providing assistance for the poor is
  1. an important ingredient of a democracy.
  2. a debatable question.
  3. not a good choice.
  4. just perpetuating poverty.
  5. not up to those in policy-making positions.
No, your autobiography is not a marketable subject, unless you are a movie star, politician, or other type of celebrity. A book concerning your travels abroad is not a likely candidate either.
A marketable subject is one that is of interest to the general public or at least appeals to a sizeable speciality group, and that has not been adequately covered elsewhere. Remember the six magic words: "Find a need and fill it."
________11. According to the author, all of the following are true about a marketable subject for a book EXCEPT
  1. one that is of interest to the general public
  2. appeals to a sizeable speciality group
  3. tackles a topic that has not been adequately covered elsewhere
  4. a book concerning your travels abroad
  5. autobiography of a celebrity
________12. A good title for this selection would be
  1. My Autobiography
  2. Have You Chosen a Marketable Subject?
  3. How to Write a Book
  4. How to Write an Autobiography
  5. How to Write an autobiography