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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Civil Service Commission Professional or Sub-Professional Reviewer - Page 117/159

Vocabulary & Idiomatic Expressions - Page 117

Select the best meaning for each of the underlined word and write the appropriate letter in the blank.

________1. The lotto winners will be selected at random.
  1. by chance
  2. by competition
  3. by testing
  4. by interviewing
________2. Dr. Antonio prescribe massive doses of antibiotics for his patients with tuberculosis.
  1. daily
  2. double
  3. heavy
  4. encourage
________3. Carry on with your work.
  1. continue
  2. carry the work
  3. stop
  4. be on time
________4. Cleanliness is still at a discount in many parts of the country.
  1. valued fully
  2. not to be valued fully
  3. attended to
  4. believed
________5. Mr. Henry Sy is now rolling in money.
  1. very rich
  2. famous
  3. losing money
  4. successful in business

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