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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Civil Service Commission Professional or Sub-Professional Reviewer - Page 131/159

Identifying Errors - Page 131

Direction : Choose the underlined words or phrases labelled (A, B, C, D) which are not accepted to formal written English. Choose letter (E) if there is no error.

_______1. Although small in size, Japan has a greater impact on Asian
                          A                                 B          C
economy than any other country. No error.
                           D                      E

_______2. Quit smoking not only prolongs life by reducing heart
                  A                                B                 C
disease but lessens the risk of cancer. No error.
                   D                                         E

_______3. Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, the book that made Richard
Bach famous, has became a best seller got readers of all ages. No error.
           B           C                                                        D            E

_______4. Scientists have long talked about objects in Mars and
                                         A               B
described these objects with increase assurance. No error.
     C                                      D                              E

_______5. I haven't seen the movie and neither has she. No error.
                     A        B                   C        D                     E

_______6. During election campaigns in ARMM, politicians
often hold frequent debates regarding SPCPD. No error.
         B      C                       D                            E

_______7. The common notion that peanut is an excellent food
for improving the brains is not supported by any scientific
        B                                    C                          D
findings. No error.

Civil Service Reviewer Post 131/159

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