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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Civil Service Commission Professional or Sub-Professional Reviewer - Page 132/159

Identifying Errors - Page 132

________8. AIDS researchers have done great progress; still, many aspects of this
                                                   A                               B
disease need further study. No error.
                       C        D         E

________9. Pneumonia, a much more serous illness than flu, strikes with a sudden
                                          A                                                 B
fever, cough, chills, and backache. No error.
                       C               D              E

________10. Year after year, tourists from all over the world travel to the Philippines
                              A                                                          B
to visit a birthplace of Dr. Jose Rizal. No error.
    C    D                                               E

________11. They are waiting in the corridor for half an hour. No error.
                            A     B           C              D                           E

________12. The engineer has finished his plans a week ago. No error.
                                        A       B       C          D                     E

________13. I don't see Daniel since last Saturday. No error.
                           A                   B      C      D              E

________14. Ana is practicing the piano since early this morning. No error.
                           A      B         C            D                                    E

________15. After the bell rings, it was time to close the gate. No error.
                                         A    B   C          D                            E

Civil Service Reviewer Post 132/159

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