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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Civil Service Commission Professional or Sub-Professional Reviewer - Page 135/159

Reading Comprehension - Page 135
Enzymes are organic compounds. These compounds contain the element carbon. Enzymes are made in the cell and functions as catalysts. A catalyst speeds up a chemical reaction without taking past in the reaction. It is neither changed in any way nor destroyed by the reaction taking place. Each enzyme may take care of only one reaction. There are many enzymes in a living cell because there are many chemical reactions taking place all the time. Without enzymes, the cell would not be able to work.
________7. According to the author, all of the following are true about enzymes EXCEPT
  1. Enzymes are organic compounds
  2. Enzymes are made in the cell
  3. Enzymes speed up s chemical reaction
  4. There are many enzymes in a living cell
  5. The cell would be able to work without enzymes
________8. From the passage, one could conclude that
  1. enzymes are important in inheritance
  2. enzymes are made of protein
  3. enzymes are indispensable for the cell to do its work
  4. enzymes can slow down chemical reaction
  5. enzymes function within a very narrow range of acidity of alkalinity.
An argument has gone on for years that focuses on the question of how much monetary or other help should be given to the poor. The argument on one side stresses the deprivation and misfortunes those of low income must carry through and appeals to the moral instincts of those in government positions to use compassion in their judgments. On the other side, people speak about the role that laziness has played in developing poverty and how public assistance progress vitiate incentives to work and to save.

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