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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Civil Service Commission Professional or Sub-Professional Reviewer - Page 142/159

Analytical Ability Test - Page 142

_______6. Monday was wetter than Sunday, but sunnier than Saturday. Which day was the wettest?
  1. Monday
  2. Tuesday
  3. Saturday
  4. Sunday
_______7. If town A is north-west of town B, then which of the following is always true?
  1. Town A is 2 km. north of town B
  2. Town B is 2 km. west of town A
  3. Town B is south-west of town A
  4. Town B is south-east of town A
_______8. Today is a Wednesday. Which of the following is always true?
  1. January begun on a Wednesday this year
  2. Three days ago was Sunday
  3. Four days from now will be Saturday
  4. Six days ago was also a Wednesday
_______9. Which of the following contradicts the view that, only smart become rich?
  1. Girlie was smart, yet she was poor her whole life.
  2. Leny Ngo is stupid, she amassed a large fortune by the age of 40.
  3. Some smart people do not desire to become rich.
  4. Both "smart" and "rich" are relative terms.
For question no. 10
Sabina: I just heard that Linda flunk out of collage.
Rosalie: That can't be true; she got straight A's in high school.
________10. From the conversation above, it can be inferred that

  1. Rosalie thinks that Sabina is lying.
  2. Sabina knows that Linda flunked out of college
  3. Rosalie thinks that Linda is still in college.
  4. Rosalie assumes that no one who got straight A's in high school is likely to flunk out of collage.

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